KUDA Layout Regularization Calculation

* Layout Type
*Plot Area (in Sq.Yrds)
*Plot Area (in Sq.Mtrs)
*Market Value of the land as on 28.10.2015 (Sub-Register Value Based On The Nearest House No) (Rs.per Sq.yd)
*Land Value as on the date of Registration of plot (Sub-Register value) (Rs.per Sq.yd)
*Whether Plot or Layout falling under Slum Area
*Change Of Land Use
*Are you submitted Online LRS application on or before 01.03.2016
Layout Regularization Calculation
S.No Description Values Formula/Reference
A Layout Type
B Plot Area(sq.m)
C Market Value of the land as on 28.10.2015 (Sub-Register value) - (Rs.per Sq.yd)
D Land Value (Sub-Register value) as on the date of registration of plot - (Rs.per Sq.yd)
E Basic Pro-rata Regularization Charges(Rs per Sq.mts)
F Basic Regularization charges
G Basic Regularization charges percentage %
H Change Of Land Use Per Sq.mts
I Regularization Charges
J Open Space Short Fall Charges (0.14 * PlotArea(Sq.Yrd) * LandValue(Per.Sq.Yrd))
K Change of land use charges
L Extra charges (It is only applicable on applications which is submitted after 01.12.2016. ) (J+K+L)*20%
M Total Regularization charges (I+J+K+L)
* Amount is tentative , It may vary based on Field Verification